I am a traveler. My mission: to drive through galaxies in search of life forms never before seen. My only nemesis: the Duchess of Hazard who transmits her distraction devices through such things as free cable and bathtubs of unusual sizes. When I finally submit my findings I will be sent home. Until then I will enjoy every alter universe I stumble upon and with them all the chicken rings and santana covers they have to offer. bye-bye. rs

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Office Time

for a really long time and I was obviously getting a little concerned. So I took a couple and folded them over just like they tell you to. I sent them down to the guys in receiving. They were really upset. I tacked some more mouths onto the side to make it look more "convincing" or "menacing", but what else could I do? I did everything in my power, short of exerting myself, and none of the tasks seemed to be any nearer to completion than when I started out. The other one approached me and all I heard for the rest of the day was ringing... and the usual complaints about "shirking responsibility" and "avoiding courage". Something snapped deep in the back of my stomach and I was lifted into the ether. Suspended forever in thick, colorful currents of air. Light seemed to be coming out of everything and my feet were reaching for the floor. A team of horses

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

johnny sweatheart and the ballad of tragedy

i hurt.
i am a turtle.
a hurdle with no shell.
you tell me to cross the street.
i say meet me half way.
you do.
i do.
your side had a steamroller.
mine a shwin.
i win.
you splat.

with love and tragedy,
johnny *heart* sweatheart

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gloria likes her bran Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

What day is it?

Robotskirt keeps being like "when are you going to contribute to the blog?" and I'm all like "it's kind of hard to type w/ hooves." But then I figured it out. I just put gloves on my hands and fill the fingers w/ sand. It's actually kind of unwieldy, but it's pretty good.
So what is this place? Look at all these buttons! What's this one do?.. Whoa.
What's this one?..
Oh hey Greggy, what are you doing here? What is that, clapping? OK.


So this place looks pretty good. I like it. I'm a fan of this place. Thanks for having me.

Mr. P