I am a traveler. My mission: to drive through galaxies in search of life forms never before seen. My only nemesis: the Duchess of Hazard who transmits her distraction devices through such things as free cable and bathtubs of unusual sizes. When I finally submit my findings I will be sent home. Until then I will enjoy every alter universe I stumble upon and with them all the chicken rings and santana covers they have to offer. bye-bye. rs

Saturday, July 21, 2007

bacon wrapped blessings

I have been on a top-secret mission for the last many moons. So secret, in fact, that I am still not sure what my orders are. I write to you huddled under a walnut shell wearing fake eyebrows. My disguise grows limper by the minute and I fear they will soon lose their adhesive. The sharks continue to swarm with boredom. The plan: throw a bag of Carson's ribs out of the walnut shell and run like hell in the other direction.

Stand by for more correspondence.
with love soaked in sweet baby rays,